This is a site dedicated to strengthening our Ward 1.  As your elected representative, I take pride in serving our community and assuring that Newburgh’s Historic East End develops and fosters a collective sentiment of progress for all.

We’ve only just begun to make history! For the first time since the early 19th century we have neighborhood representation once again in the City of Newburgh and I am happy to be the first representative elected for Ward 1.

Our district runs from Broadway north to the town line and from Dubois/Powell Street, east to the Hudson River.  For a quick look at our map boundaries click here

My office is located at 123 Grand Street, 2nd floor.  I can also be reached via email at kmejia@cityofnewburgh-ny.gov

2 Responses to Welcome

  1. Kippy Boyle says:

    Glad I visited this site! Lots of good information. Could the site have a running Update place for Ward 1 things like “Tyrone Crabb Park Status”, Bulk Pickup ideas, stats on code violations, …things that pertain specifically to our Ward? For instance, the new parking regs on Grand st. (I hope you have an intern who’s helping keep this site — a lot of work!!!)

  2. mejiaward1 says:

    Great suggestions. Don’t have an intern yet but summer is around the corner and search for one coming soon. Will work on suggestions.

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