Tyrone Crabb Park


Invite to Crabb Park opening



Fall of 2014: DPW continued to bring to life the promise of a community park.  The once empty vacant lot on the corner of Grand and South Street took shape in the fall of 2014.   Below are some of the pictures that chronicle how we transformed this gateway corner and fulfilled a promise made three decades ago:

The Park – 

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The Wall – 

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The Sidewalk – 

August 21, 2014:  Thanks to our very own DPW, work has started at Tyrone Crabb Park.  As am sure you’ve noticed there is sidewalk work being done on the South Street side.

Crabb park sidewalk Mr Flush Crabb Park sidewalk construction

In addition, soil is being spread out to level out the field and prepare the location for construction.

crabb top soil 2 Crabb top soil

More to come but this is a tremendous step forward as the City of Newburgh finally fulfills the promise to construct a community park on this site as well as utilize state funds specifically earmarked for this project which would be lost if construction did not take place this year.



Spring 2014 Update:

Crabb Park


Above is the design approved by NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.

As the caption stated before graphic was uploaded…Coming Soon!

Here is a quick recap of recent activities:

  • May 30, 2014 – city staff met to discuss next steps and prepare for council discussion regarding accepting/rejecting bids.
  •   June 2, 2014 – Ms. Kain and myself met with stakeholders to inform them on the design/challenges around cost and likely next steps.
  •  June 5, 2014 – work session, park and bids discussed.
  •  June 9, 2014 – bids rejected

After bids were rejected via resolution Number 159-2014 (page 45) it is my expectation that a work plan with deadlines and assigned staff will be developed and presented at our July council meeting.  This will outline tasks so that construction for Phase I will commence and be completed this year.

This request has been made and reinforced to City Manager.  All interested should come to July’s council meeting.  I’ll post agenda as it is shared with me.

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