Are you ready?

With the upcoming storm only a few hours away please be mindful of where you park your car and obey the signs for “Snow emergency” once it is declared.  Use common sense, if the majority of the cars on your block are on one side of the road park on that side as well.  This will allow our DPW trucks to get by and plow properly and prevent you from getting a ticket or worse being towed away.

Regarding the storm:

• Keep a flashlight and fresh batteries handy.

• If you rely on electricity to operate a well pump, fill your bathtub for an extra water reserve.

• Ensure adequate supplies of prescription medicine and other necessities.

• Fully charge your cell phone.

• Fuel up your vehicles.

• Have a plan to check on vulnerable neighbors and family members.

• Stock water and non-perishable foods that require no refrigeration or cooking.

About mejiaward1

Proudly representing Ward 1 in the City of Newburgh, NY
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