Quassaick Creek Watershed Management Plan Released

A group of dedicated staffers and volunteers from various agencies and levels of government have released their recommendations for how best to protect and manage our local watershed.

Last Friday, I was able to participate as they celebrated the completion of a kiosk at Algonquin Park in the Town of Newburgh and received the release of the Quassaick Creek Watershed Management Plan.  This management plan outlines a “checklist” of best management practices for guiding future development and growth in order to protect and improve the health of the Watershed.  You can read more about the plan here.

Quassacik Creek kiosk at Algonquin Park

Quassaick Creek kiosk at Algonquin Park

In addition to the recommendations outlined in the plan, I mentioned the need for long term protection via developing a plan to acquire land around our watershed – granted a long term goal which needs funding but one that we should be planning for.

I welcome comments and feedback.


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